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Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales - A Welsh Gem!

The wonderful Cardiff Castle, full of history and wonderful stories. A fantastic place to visit and very much a Welsh Gem. 

Through the contributions of people who visit and share an interest in the Castle, we want people to enjoy all that Cardiff Castle has to offer its community and people who visit Cardiff. 

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History & heritage, Photography, Travel & tourism

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28 Sep 2017 - On-going

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Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520

Civic pride
19 Dec 2017 - Daniel Sturley

Cardiff Castle from Bute Park

Red/green, classic/modern, city/park, looking from Bute Park towards the castle & Capital Tower.


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History & heritage
24 Sep 2017 - FreeTimePays

The extremely enchanting Cardiff Castle

The entrance to the enchanting Cardiff Castle. It's so worth a visit, even on a dull day! 


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